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Our Customers ask us.... Why does our coffee taste so good?
The Answer.... We roast our own beans.
There has been a revolution in the way we drink coffee, an explosion of coffee houses on the high street coupled with the desire to emulate the café society of our European cousins has lead to a new era in the industry.
We have always been at the cutting edge of this café culture and are proud to say we were one of the first operators to install true barrister style machines to our restaurants and outside catering units.
We wanted to go one step further, we wanted to continue to be a market leader and trendsetter, and so the next logical step was undertaken.
Chandlers Bar & Bistro have invested in the equipment to enable us to import green beans from around the globe and roast our own coffee.
Beans sourced from coffee producing contries like Columbia, India, Brazil and Guatemala. Imported direct from the growers and delivered here in Plymouth.
We then roast and blend the beans before distributing them to our operations, we even have our own lable so you can purchase and enjoy the unique taste of Chandlers coffee at home.
We are unique in the fact that we source green beans from the growers, import, roast and blend, then retail direct to the public.
The result... An ourstanding coffee, it does not get any better, and that's why Chandlers Bar & Bistro coffee tastes so good!


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